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Představující velkolepé turné a události objevené a vyrobené Markem Bellem Presentsem .

Níže vyberte svou produkci a my zatáhneme oponu a podíváme se, proč naše pořady WOW vaše publikum!

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This past year Mark Bell celebrated his 41th year in the entertainment business, his first 11 years in the music and concert end of the industry, and his last 29 years in the theatrical side of the business. All 41 years in the business involved booking, artist management, promoting, and producing theatrical touring stage shows, attractions, and concerts.
Mark has a knack for taking an artist record or author's book, live or animated video, and adapting it for a touring stage production, not only for the children's market but also for teens and adults as well. He has produced well over 3,500 shows worldwide from midsize venues to pro-sports arenas and stadiums. Most often his favorite size venues are the 2,000 seat theaters and performing arts centers. He especially likes producing shows in the old restored vaudeville theaters which he finds unique, rich in character, and sometimes even a challenge with their limited stages.
Mark's travels have taken him to 5 continents where he has worked on and produced numerous shows and tours internationally as well as throughout North America, including four Canadian Providences, one territory, and shows in the USA in all but one state, Rhode Island. Mark has also produced many shorter version productions for state fairs, festivals, theme parks, sporting events, corporate events, trade shows, schools, universities, and large churches. 
His largest touring production to date played large theaters, had a cast and crew of 28, traveled in two semi-trucks, and two entertainment sleeper coaches. In comparison, his smallest tour traveled 4 actors and crew in a van which carried their sound system, sets, lights and costumes. They performed 104 shows and made 20 additional meet & greet appearances at book stores over the course of a ten week tour.
As a producer, Mark has a vast experience and knowledge on bringing an intellectual property or concept to life on stage by assembling a team of some of the best director's, choreographers, script writers, song writers, storyboard artist, set designers, costume designers, voice talents, recording engineers for music and underscoring, lighting designers, sound designers and special effect designers that the budget will allow. On a number of tours his company has even been known to secure the sponsorship or put together the capital investment plan to fund the production, tour and promotion.
Marks latest achievements have been in the area of video production for live events. He has traveled with many of the acts he produces to locations around the globe to produce their performances on video. Some for the purpose of Home Video to sell, some for promotional purposes, some for simply archival, and numerous for television shows.
Mark grew up in the East Texas town of Center where he graduated from high school. He attended colleges in the Texas cities of Tyler, Marshall, and San Antonio before moving to Mobile, Alabama where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Mobile. His career in the entertainment business has moved his family to Mobile, Nashville, Seattle, and Dallas Fort Worth. He and his wife, Brenda have been married for 43 years and have three married children and six grandchildren.
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Bill Flowers began his entertainment career in BROADCASTING in 1969 at age 13 and has since worked in Mobile, New Orleans, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Diego, Lafayette, LA, Dallas, Phoenix, Louisville, Memphis & Nashville. He has worked on-air radio shows in all time slots in various positions including Program, Music, News, and Production Director. Bill also has served as the IT Manager for television station WALA FOX 10 in Mobile, AL, and Director of National Drone Operations for Meredith Corporations overseeing drone programs in 17 major market television stations. He previously headed 2 national airborne broadcasting networks, Skyview Broadcasting Network as VP of Operations, and Eagle Broadcasting Network as VP of National Director of Operations. In addition, Bill’s voice can be heard in thousands of commercials around the world. Throughout Bill’s career in broadcasting, he has been highly sought out as a programming consultant.


Bill has also been involved in the RECORDING INDUSTRY where he excelled in studio commercial production, management, and, engineering. He opened and operated Bay Recording Studio in Mobile, AL which is the largest multi-track recording studio between New Orleans and Atlanta. Worked at Radio Recorders Recording Studio in Hollywood, CA. Taught seminars on Pro-Tools, Nuendo, and, Cubase, engineered and produced many albums and recording projects, Produced, directed, and edited local, regional, and national television projects for Foreigner, Styx, Cinderella, Ozzy Osbourne, Amy Grant, Wayne Watson, Truth, John Purdell, Honey, Mr. Big, Quiet Riot, and Randy Stonehill. Bill was the partner producing team with John Purdell. In addition over the years, Bill produced numerous music videos and lent his skills in artist management as well as a publicist.


In the COMPUTER & IT field, Flowers served as a level 3 engineering support with IBM in addition to his work in Web space management and design and PC & Server design & troubleshooting.


Bill has also excelled in the field of AVIATION as he is a licensed private pilot with over 5,000 hours in the air and is a Licensed Part 107 UAV Pilot for commercial drones.

Bill Flowers CURRENTLY is the IT Administrator for Television station WALA FOX 10, Mobile, AL, concurrently Director of Drone Operations for Meredith Broadcasting, Music producer for the television show Studio 10 at WALA, Manager for Even Still ( and Media Director for Luke 4:18 Fellowship, Mobile, AL.

Bill is happy to be working with WOW Attractions in representing our roster of touring acts to casinos and special venues and events throughout North America.

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Nobody get live performances and international touring anymore that Patrick Koh. It's because for years he has been the live performer performing all over the world. There are only a few artists that have that signature sound that you can immediately identify. Patrick King aka Pat King Kon is one of those singers who is an accomplished international performer and recording artist who sings heartfelt universal music with soul. “He works hard on putting his imprint on each song he sings,” writes The Jazz Network Worldwide.


Touring. His music has taken him across the USA, South and Central America, the Caribbean, the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, SE Asia, and the Pacific. More recently, he has entertained crowds in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Tokyo, Sydney, Auckland, Manila, and Singapore. Special performance venues include Victoria Theater, Notre Dame Cathedral, St. Paul's Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, and Cologne Cathedral just to name a few.


Openings. Patrick has opened for George Benson, and Barry Manilow among others as well as performed at several Teen America Beauty Pageants.

Jazz Scene. A huge presence in the Japanese Jazz scene, When not on tour with other artist or outside of Japan, Pat can be found performing in Tokyo’s most prestigious jazz clubs and hotel lounges including the XEX, the Ritz Carlton Tokyo, Ritz Carlton Nikko, Andaz Hotel, Baycourt Club Hotel & Resort, New Sanno Hotel, Prince Gallery Tokyo, XLV, Birdland, Satin Doll, Alfie, All Of Me, Keystone, and Le Petite Tonneau.

Patrick King Koh has the following Recordings: I Am In love, Nothing But Praise, and Love Jazz.

Pat understands what it takes to bring tours on the road internationally and has joined WOW Attractions in representing our acts throughout Japan as well as other numerous cities across Asia.

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